(by the National Insurance Health System)

ORTOPEDICA manufactures and sells medical devices, devices and assistive technologies with settlement through the National Insurance Health System CNAS, and you can now benefit from partial and even full compensation, depending on your needs.


The products we sell are accredited by the Ministry of Health and meet the quality standards of the European Community (ISO 9001:2015 certificate).


  • Orthopedic footwear
  • Insoles (plantar supporters)
  • Walking devices
    • wheelchairs
    • walking frames
    • crutches
  • Prostheses for upper and lower limb
  • External breast prostheses and accessories
  • Orthosis
    • spine
    • upper limb
    • lower limb
  • Colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy devices
    • unitary systems (colostomy/ileostomy and urostomy)
    • component systems (colostomy/ileostomy and urostomy)
  • Devices for urinary incontinence/urinary retention
    • catheters
    • condoms
    • Foley probes
    • urine collector bags
    • surgical strips (surgical strips for urinary incontinence)
  • Oxygen concentrators (oxygenators)


How does it work?

National Health Insurance bodies provide support to people with organic or functional deficiencies, and issue periodical decisions, depending on the medical device required.

Medical devices are obtained with the decision obtained from the CNAS institution from the area where you are based.

After you’ve received the compensation decision, you can use it in any of our 25 specialized Ortopedica stores to obtain the product you need. The decision can be used for 30 calendar days from the date of issue.


To obtain the decision, a file needs to be submitted to the CNAS institution from the area where you are based.  For this, you need the following documents:

  1. Application form;
    2. Proof of your insured status (insurer’s certificate, pension stub/employee’s certificate/unemployment aid coupon);
    3. Copy of your ID card/identity card;
    4. Prescription/medical recommendation – two copies from the specialist doctor;
    5. Written statement to declare that your organic or functional deficiency did not occur as a result of an occupational disease, a work accident, or sport accident;
    6. Children up to 14 years of age: copy of birth certificate, certificate of schooling (if applicable).


Colostomy/ileostomy compensation application, documents required for the file submission to the CAS from the area where you are based:

  1. request form for CAS
  2. original medical recommendation (one copy goes to CAS, and the patient’s medical recommendation needs to be handed over, along with the CAS decision to the medical device provider)
  3. copy CI/ copy birth certificate*
  4. proof of insurance (pension voucher, employee certificate, insured certificate)


Note: If the legal tutor/caretaker is in charge of obtaining the decision, they must attach a copy of their identity document to the CAS application file.

*For minor patients the application is completed by a relative grade 1 or 2 member of the family, or by the legal guardian.

The medical prescription must be completed in 3 copies, one for the CAS application file, one for the medical device provider company, and one for the doctor that made the device prescription.

The file is submitted to the CAS, and after the decision has been issued, the patient/legal caretaker/tutor person must bring the CAS issued decision, along with the medical recommendation.


For more details please contact us on 031 9799 or you can send a request at contact@ortopedica.ro