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The semi-rigid lumbar back support Evotec was produced with newest technology, with a dense elastic material which provides 50% more compression than those conventionally used for greater lumbar containment.

By using this orthosis, you get the most advantages than with any other orthosis, because this product is effective from several directions: optimal support for the spine, abdominal area lifting, and ideal abdominal compression.

The lumbar detachable cushion is creating local heating and has the best match for the spine lordosis.


  • The new Evotec orthotics are created with newest biomechanical, ergonomic and functionality technology for the upper part of the body.
  • They are extremely resistant, elastic and long lasting. They offer a very strong containment and compression the prolongs the life of the product.
  • These orthotics combine the newest wireless seam technologies, that prevents unpleasant skin friction, and that allows obtaining new shapes that are better adapted to the anatomical features.
  • As a result, the new concept brings to the market a product that is highly regarded, and has no comparison in the industry.
  • Abdominal containment system: the abdominal area of the product is made of semi-rigid velur, that is highly adaptable to the anatomical features, and offers a very efficient abdominal compression.
  • The posterior semi-rigid plate is made of steel and velur insertions, that are attached to the elastic material.
  • The elastic traction bands allow a better adjustment( both for men and women) and the abdominal area lifting, that is required in the lumbar problems, which in most cases is caused by a large extended weakened abdomen.
  • Colour: beige
  • Measurements: circumference of the basin


  • XXS/1 circumference 63-75cm
  • XS/2 circumference 75-83cm
  • S/3 circumference 83-91cm
  • M/4 circumference 91-99
  • L/5 circumference 99-107
  • XL/6 circumference 107-115
  • XXL/7 circumference 115-123



In order to obtain a greater degree of therapeutic effectiveness in the different pathologies and to prolong the life and utility of the product, it is fundamental that the correct size adequate for each patient or user is chosen (enclosed in the packet is a diagram with all the sizes and the equivalent in centimetres). An excess compression can produce intolerance, therefore we recommend that the compression be regulated to an optimum degree.

To fit observe the following aspects:

1–Place the orthosis around the body ensuring that the boning is placed at the center of the back. The pull straps must be situated at the top. 2–Insert fingers in the appropriate rings on the right and on the left part of the closure. 3–Press on the left side of the closure over the abdominal area and pull the right side until the velcro straps can be fastened. 4–To fasten the velcro straps, remove fingers from the left ring and then the right ring. 5– With both hands, pull the ends of the upper pull straps forward with enough force to ensure correct compression. 6–Next, fasten the ends of the upper pull straps over the main closure.

It includes a removable foam lumbar cushion with heat effect and better lordosis fitting.


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