An unfortunate incident, which took place last winter, still has repercussions in the life of a 15-year-old man from Focșani. It seems that his destiny gave way to chance, and Cristian was the victim of a terrible car accident. A passenger minibus collided with a car in a commune in Vrancea. Following the impact, Cristian remained imprisoned and unconscious in the car, being taken over urgently by the SAJ crews.

This was followed by 2 months of vegetative state and harsh diagnoses (multiple traumas at the cranial and pelvic level, fractures of the right iliac wing and right pubic ramus, spastic hemiparesis, left dorsolumbar deviation of the spine, etc.).



The attending physician recommended that the family purchase medical devices, namely a Cheneau corset and a pair of fixed leather ankle-foot orthoses. In March of this year, Cristian’s parents entered the ORTOPEDICA Focșani store, requesting support and advice from sales representative Elena Țiglă. Out of the desire to be with this young man and to help him as soon and as efficiently as possible, the zonal coordinator Daniela Petre and the prosthetic-orthosis technician Gelu Stoian joined the case.


The thermoformable corset played an essential role in the post-traumatic recovery. Cristian carried the medical device conscientiously and followed exactly our recommendations and those of his physiotherapist. As a result, the results were not long in coming. He is 90% recovered and this summer he managed to present himself physically to support the National Assessment.

We are glad that we were able to be among those who brought back the smile on his face and his self-confidence. For us, this was not a simple patient to whom we made a medical device, it was much more. It was a special case where a teenager needed help. We all mobilized and we managed to make his life better. In this sense, the empathy of the sales representatives, the experience of the prosthetist-orthotist technician, the quality medical devices used in recovery and last but not least, Cristian’s determination contributed.

It was a difficult mission, but not impossible.

The patient is still wearing the corset for complete recovery.