The sacro-lumbar belt support has a perfect anatomical adaptation, is comfortable to wear and the material feels soft in contact with the skin.

It is recommended for lumbosciatica, lumbago, degenerative processes, muscular weakness, pre and post-surgical treatments.


  • Lumbar sacrum in multiband breathable material with two crossed bands, vertical fastening system on the back and front velcro closure. The beige girdle incorporates a foam lumbar plate to give heat in this area, which can be removed when not needed.
  • Colour: beige
  • Measurements: hips/trochanter area circumference


1   circumference   63-75cm

2   circumference   75-83cm

3   circumference   83-91cm

4   circumference   91-99cm

5   circumference   99-107cm

6   circumference   107-115cm

7   circumference   115-123cm



The product should be adjusted by your orthopaedic technician or in accordance with doctor’s advice.

In order to obtain a greater degree of therapeutic effectiveness in the different pathologies and to prolong the life and utility of the product, it is fundamental that the correct size adequate for each patient or user is chosen (enclosed in the packet is a diagram with all the sizes and the equivalent in centimetres). An excess compression can produce intolerance, therefore we recommend that the compression be regulated to an optimum degree.


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