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The ankle orthosis / Children’s ankle brace has the role of speeding up the recovery of the little ones in case of slight dislocations, but it can also be used to stabilize the ankle and as a method of prevention when practicing high-risk sports.


  • The elastic and breathable ankle orthosis is made of perforated material on the inside and velour on the outside (both elastic), provided with an elastic Lycra band.
  • It is opened at the front for an easy adjustment.
  • The closure is made with Velcro straps, allowing a perfect fit to the anatomical features of the patient, stabilizing the ankle with an elastic band in an eight shape.
  • Measurements: Ankle circumference.


  • 1 for age 2-6 year; ankle circumference 20cm
  • 2 for age 6-12 years; ankle circumference 24cm



In order to improve the degree of therapeutic efficacy in the case of various pathologies and to increase the lifespan of the product, it is essential to choose the right size for the patient or user correctly (attached you will find a diagram with all sizes and the equivalent in centimeters).

Too much compression can cause product intolerance – so we recommend that the degree of compression to be adjusted to the optimum value.

After choosing the correct size (depending on the age of the child) fit the patient’s foot and the ankle in the orthosis, and adjust the upper and lower Velcro bands until the desired degree of compression is obtained.

Then wrap the elastic band so as to obtain a bandage in 8 for greater compression and stabilization.

It is recommended to start bandaging the outside of the ankle to be treated, to gently prone the back of the patient’s foot.



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