The product is compensated by the National Health Insurance System.

Orthopedic footwear are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of foot health, made of high quality materials and with great care in the execution process.

The model will be customized according to the season, diagnosis and your option!

As the shoes are made only on the basis of an individual measurement, the price varies depending on the options chosen and the size of the foot, we invite you to any of our stores.

Orthopedic footwear cannot be ordered online.

For any other information we are at your disposal!


  • AGNES orthopedic footwear are designed and manufactured to the highest foot health standards.
  • By using high quality materials and special care in the execution of orthopedic boots, durability, aesthetics and comfort are ensured.
  • The model is chosen depending on the diagnosis and the patient’s choices.
  • The orthopedic footwear can be made with rubber outsole.
  • Wide range of colors: plain or combined.
  • The locking system is provided with lace.
  • The interior lining can be made of genuine leather or artificial fur for the cold season.
  • For children model you can put ornaments on the footwear.
  • AGNES orthopedic footwear are sold individually and only through our stores.
  • The price may vary depending on the options and the size of the foot.


The orthopedic footwear must be used according to the instruction made by the ORTOPEDICA specialists.

Orthopedic footwear should be used all ways with stockings or socks.

It is recommended that the footwear be cleaned after each wear.

It is recommended to use a shoehorn when putting on the footwear.

In case of any changes to the foot (the product can no longer be worn) you must inform the ORTOPEDICA specialists as soon as possible, wearing the product can lead to medical complications.


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