The shoulder support offers spine an advanced support due to its multiple bands, allowing a gradual posture correction.

This can be very effective if you are experiencing an acute state of the neck or back pain, or if you have a chronic pain ( head ackes, neck pain, shoulder or back pain) caused by poor posture.

This supporting orthosis can accelerate healing and is enhancing recovery, by maintaining a correct posture. At the same time the antiperspirant material  offers high comfort.


  • The product has multiple dorsal band of breathable multi-band elastic fabric. Two upper bands are lengthened over the shoulders, pass under the arm, cross the back and fasten over the abdomen permitting gradual posture correction.
  • Measurements: measure the thoracic area, under the chest/bust area.


  • XS/1 circumference 75-85
  • S/2 circumference 80-92
  • M/3 circumference 85-97
  • L/4 circumference 92-104
  • XL/5 circumference 98-110
  • XXL/5 circumference 104-120



With the patient in the standing position, centre the back plate by placing the upper straps over the shoulders and the lower straps below, on both sides. Wrap the lower straps around the stomach below the ribs and fasten them using the velcro in the area above the abdomen. Then place the upper straps over the shoulders and below the armpit, crossing them across the back and wrap them around the sides in the direction of the abdomen. Tighten the lower straps as much as necessary to get the desired support for the shoulders, then fasten the straps with the Velcro in the area below the abdomen.


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