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The clavicle strap/splint introduces significant design improvements for correcting posture, reducing stress of the spine and preventing pain and lesions.

It has an improved shape for a better and comfortable fit.

This can be very effective if you are experiencing an acute state of the neck or back pain, or if you have a chronic pain ( head ackes, neck pain, shoulder or back pain) caused by poor posture.

This supporting orthosis can accelerate healing and is enhancing recovery, by maintaining a correct posture.

It is recommended also for the clavicle fractures.


  • The new clavicle splint introduces significant design improvements for better adjustment and increased comfort.
  • The independent adjusting system allows a better positioning of the interscapular ball, and having the required traction.
  • Is indicated for the shoulders retropulsion for correcting poor posture, therefore it is indicated also for the clavicle fracture.
  • Colour: beige


  • 0 for children
  • 1,2 for adults



The aim of this device is to provide the maximum shoulder retropulsion possible, for which there are 4 adjustment straps. Situated on the back plate, between D2 and D5, immediately adjust the traction strap in a balanced manner and exert the force necessary to obtain the desired support. In cases where an anatomical revision is required, gradually increase the tension in the straps to the tolerance limit of the patient, until the correct posture is obtained. To apply treatment to reduce fractures and align the clavicle, tighten the straps until the clavicle is correctly aligned. When using the device in hemiplegic patients with a scapulohumeral subluxation, the back plate (interscapular) is placed at the C7 and D1 level. This is achieved by tightening as much as possible then slightly releasing the lower straps. Once the plate is in position, tighten all the straps to the maximum extent possible. This supplies the force required to raise the dislocated shoulder and reduce the subluxation.


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