Electric transfer lift, passenger transport device Electrically operated wheelchair with manual steering SCOOTER LEO

Product available through the program “ASSISTANCE DEVICES”
PRICE: 19.860 LEI

The wheelchair is an orthopedic device that helps improve mobility, allowing people with locomotor disabilities, amputees to perform daily activities, to lead a normal life.
The device consists of a light frame made of aluminum or steel, equipped with wheels with certain dimensions and structure, solid or pneumatic wheels, thin or thick spokes, folding backrest, footrest.



The Leo scooter from Invacare, Germany, is made to the highest and most modern standards in the field of orthopedic devices.

Electrically operated wheelchair with manual steering SCUTER LEO has the following characteristics:

  • Compact scooter that allows easy movement;
  • Easy and fast disassembly;
  • Easy access to the battery;
  • The seat has a patented seat that provides conformation while traveling;
  • Adjustable manual steering system;
  • Rear signaling system;
  • Right / left signaling system;
  • Horn;
  • Folding armrests;
  • Shield against water;
  • Removable in 5 parts;
  • Seat belt;


  • Width: 470 mm;
  • Depth: 410 mm;
  • Depth: 460 – 560 mm;
  • Backrest height: 475 mm
  • Total width: 590 mm;
  • Slope height: 60 mm;
  • Slope descent angle:10°;
  • Motor capacity: 240 w;
  • Range: up to 38 km;
  • Travel speed: 8 km/h;
  • Travel speed: 1220 mm;
  • Maximum weight supported: 136 kg;
  • Battery: 2 x 36 Ah;
  • Radius of rotation: 2620 mm.
  • Weight: 59 kg without battery; 83 kg with battery;
  • Frame color palette *: Black;
  • Housing color palette *: Blue; Red; Green; White; Gray;
  • Backrest color palette *: Black;

* ATTENTION: the colors may vary slightly from those presented above.