Forearm prosthesis, functional, with mobile joints, myoelectrically operated with passive pro-supination, cup with silicone sleeve, aesthetic glove_3PMS04

Product available through the program “ASSISTANCE DEVICES”
PRICE: 54.109 LEI

The prosthesis is an intelligent device that replaces a part of the lower limb absent, by amputation or congenital, for functional and aesthetic purposes.
The device is made according to international and national reference standards and norms, advanced technology of the latest generation.
The materials and raw materials for the execution of the prosthesis come from internationally renowned suppliers in the field of prosthetics, such as Otto Bock from Germany, Ossur from the USA, Alps from the USA, Streifeneder from Germany.

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The forearm prosthesis is composed of the following components:

  • Laminated acrylic resin cup;
  • Silicone sleeve;
  • Myoelectrically operated prosthetic hand with active pro-supination;
  • Mobile joint;
  • Aesthetic glove that mimics the shape of the hand;