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The hyperextension orthosis is recommended for stabilizing the  spine following fractures, for spine pain, or for lumbalgia, lumbosciatica, etc.


  • 3 support points (pectoral, suprapubic, dorsal lumbar).
  • Light aluminium structure. Mobile sternum plate. Height regulation.
  • Tightening plate, adjustable via band and fastening system. Padded plates for greater comfort.
  • The pelvic band band can be fixed or rocking, to be adapted to different positions of the patient.
  • Colour: white
  • Measurements: circumference of the basin – between the sternal pad and the lower part of the pelvic strap.


  • S/1 60-75cm pelvic girth; 39-46cm height;
  • M/2 75-90cm pelvic girth; 42-49cm height;
  • L/3 90-105cm pelvic girth; 45-52cm height;
  • XL/4 105-115cm pelvic girth; 49-56cm height;



To fit observe the following aspects: Select the correct size according to the table of measurements. Adjust the frame via the system of screws both lengthways and widthways (A-B). Adjust the orthosis to the patient via the nylon belt (C). Then insert the plastic pin on the patient’s right-hand side (D). Finally push the block clip situated on the patient’s left-hand side forwards, until it is blocked (E-F). The orthosis must enable the patient to adopt the correct seated position without compressing the thighs with the pelvic band and without exceeding the sternum on its top edge (G).


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