Flexima® Midi Roll’up bag is a one-piece drainable pouch for collection of body effluents for any person having undergone intestinal surgery of the enterostomy type.

Available in standard size within that range. It has an integrated soft clamp and a flat skin protector.


  • Integrated soft Roll’up clamp: intuitive and secure closing system
  • Large 7cm outlet to facilitate stool evacuation
  • Capacity according to ISO 8670-2: 580ml
  • Flower shaped flat skin protector:
    • Adapts perfectly to body contours
    • Greater gum surface for increase security
    • Soft non-woven on the outer edges for optimal comfort
  • Available in
    • Transparent cut-to-fit (15-60mm)
    • Beige cut-to-fit (15-60mm) and pre-cut (25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 45mm)
    • Beige with split cover cut-to-fit (15-60mm)
  • Ergonomic pouch shape for more wearing comfort
    • Optimized sizing for optimized capacity
    • Shortened upper pouch part to prevent bending
      effect for more discretion
  • High performance filter (HP): water and oil resistant, no risk of staining clothes, low risk of pouch ballooning
  • Boxes of 30 pouches