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The modular above-knee prosthesis can transform your life, helping you regain your independence and control in your daily life.

The prosthesis is made only on individually measurements.

Cannot be ordered online.


Thigh prosthesis with tubular structure (endoskeleton) made of duralumin, stainless steel or titanium

This type of thigh prosthesis has a resin and / or polyethylene cup with fiberglass or carbon fiber reinforcements, with suspension system by fixation on the hip with trochanter and cord or with terminal fixation (quick locking / unlocking mechanism) and removable silicone or polyurethane blunt sleeve

The aesthetic part of this type of thigh prosthesis is made of anatomically shaped polyurethane foam (sponge) and aesthetic sock

The prosthesis has a mono-axial, biaxial, SACH or dynamic ankle joint made of stainless steel or titanium

Mono-axial, biaxial, SACH or dynamic prosthetic foot with carbon lamellar spring

The thigh protector can have a free knee joint, with locking or self-locking, mono-axial or polycentric made of stainless steel, aluminum or titanium and with mechanical, hydraulic, or computerized C-Leg® drive

The modular above-knee prosthesis is made individually.

The price may vary depending on the components of the product.

The prosthesis is not ordered online.

Contact one of our offices.


The prosthesis must be used according to the instruction made by the specialists.It is recommended to maintain strict body hygiene and perform the massage after wearing the prosthesis.If you use a protective sleeve, which is not purchased from ORTOPEDICA, it must not have seams or bends.Avoid contact with paints, inks, inks, others of the cosmetics sleeve.Visits at ORTOPEDICA for control will be made only on established dates, or also whenever it is needed.When skin irritation or edema occurs on the residual limb, the product will no longer be worn, and you will inform the ORTOPEDICA specialists as soon as possible.In case of any changes to the residual limb (the product can no longer be worn) you must inform the ORTOPEDICA specialists as soon as possible, wearing the product can still lead to medical complications.In case of malfunction of the product, the product will not be worn, and you will inform the ORTOPEDICA specialists as soon as possible.


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