The product is compensated by the National Health Insurance System.

The colostomy/ileostomy prostheses are intended for of a temporary or permanent wearers.

Made according to the latest technologies with quality materials, complying with European standards.

These systems are discreet, safe and comfortable.


The adhesive is a hydrocolloid gel contains active substances to protect the supporting tissue.

After polymerization by heating to body temperature, the adhesive becomes active, ensuring a firm and long-lasting adhesion.

In addition, protecting and healing any wounds.

The flanges are thin, flexible and have cut-out holes in various sizes.


  • The flange is provided with a fixing plate that allows the attachment of a safety strap – secure closing system.
  • easy folding and fastening with minimal pressure on the abdomen.
  • Additional safety: the sound click indicates the correct positioning of the bag.
  • Cut to the desired size.
  • Equipped with integrated filter to reduce odors, bloating and also reduces the risk of clothes staining.
  • The material covering the bag is durable, very soft, breathable, waterproof and comfortable for the skin.
  • Prevents the formation of perspiration under the bag.




  1. Measure the diameter of the stoma.
  2. Cut the flange so that it fits around the stoma. Leave a small space around the stoma: it must not be “occluded” by the flange (A).


  1. Clean the skin around the stoma with lukewarm water. Avoid cleaning solutions that contain ether, alcohol or other antiseptic that can affect the adhesion of the flange!
  2. Gently dab the skin with a soft tissue.


  1. Hold the flange of the bag between your palms for about a minute (this is done to bring the temperature of the flange to body temperature when the degree of adhesion of the adhesive to the skin is maximum).
  2. Separate the inner surfaces of the collecting bag (B).
  3. Remove the protective paper from the flange and position the bottom of the flange hole at the base of the stoma (C).
  4. Gently press the bottom of the flange onto the skin, then position and press the top, careful not to create creases.
  5. Smooth the entire surface of the flange from top to bottom to make sure the grip is perfect (D).

Removing the bag: gently pull on the edge of the collecting bag and remove the bag from top to bottom, gently pressing the skin around the stoma with the other hand.