The device provides oxygen therapy for patients with respiratory problems home, or in specialized hospital and care units;

Ensures a constant oxygen concentration with each use.

The oxygen flow is manually adjustable, according to the doctor’s recommendation.

Latest state of art technologies have been applied in the manufacturing process  in terms of control noise and operation, which reduces costs and provides maximum comfort and safety for the user;

It is equipped with a sensor that indicates the oxygen concentration, which ensures increased reliability, durability, and minimum service;

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  • flow rate: 0.5 – 5 l / min;
  • average O2 outlet temperature: + 2.2oC;
  • average oxygen outlet pressure: 0.3 bar} 10% (minimum operating time 30 minutes);
  • provided with an audible alarm system when the oxygen flow drops below 0.5 l / min;
  • provided with a light indicator of oxygen purity (oxygen concentration is as follows: 93-95.6% for a flow rate of 0.5-3 l / min, 91-95.6% for a flow rate of 4 l / min, respectively 87-95.6% for a flow rate of 5 l / min);


  • supply voltage: 220V; power: 280 W-300 W (compared to 390 W on Invacare 5 and nvacare 5 Sens O2), sound level: <40db (compared to & lt; 45db Invacare 5 and Invacare 5 Sens O2);
  • overall dimensions: depth x width x height = 36.5 x 46.5 x 67 cm; own weight: 23 kg (compared to 25 kg for Invacare 5 and Invacare 5 Sens O2 models);
  • safety system: permanent monitoring of the pneumatic and mechanical system, of the tension electrical, compressor pressure and temperature (overheating, overpressure / underpressure);
  • permanent control of oxygen concentration;
  • for proper operation of the product, a room temperature of 10 – 35 o C and a relative humidity of 20 – 60% are recommended;
  • it can be used up to 24 hours a day;
  • In order to maintain the prescribed life of the product, operation in cycles of at least 30 minutes;




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