Indications: Protection and control following traumatism or surgical intervention, sprain and ligament injury, as a method to replace plaster in the treatment, preulcerous or ulcerous conditions of the foot’s plantar surface. Acute plantar fasciitis, and in those cases which require a uniform distribution of body weight on the plantar surface and immobilisation of the tibia-tarsus articulation.


A single piece, light, resistant design with open heel and fastening straps for circumference compression. Transpirable material covering pad for the leg, foot and ankle. Low-profile sole in the form of a slip-proof balance.

Colour: black

Orthosis height: 27cm

Measurements: footwear size


1    footwear size   32-38

2    footwear size   38-42

3    footwear size   42-46



THE PRODUCT SHOULD BE ADJUSTED BY YOUR ORTHOPAEDIC TECHNICIAN OR IN ACCORDANCE WITH DOCTOR’S ORDERS. In order to obtain a greater degree of therapeutic effectiveness in the different pathologies and to prolong the life and utility of the product, it is fundamental that the correct size adequate for each patient or user is chosen (enclosed in the packet is a diagram with all the sizes and the equivalent in centimetres). An excess compression can produce inntolerance, therefore we recommend that the compression be regulated to an optimum degree.

Follow the fitting instructions below:

It is advisable to fit the walker with the patient seated and over a sock, preferably cotton.

Unfasten the Velcro to separate the rigid structure from the surrounding cover. Then fit the surrounding cover around the patient’s foot and leg as tight as possible and fasten with the Velcro closure system. Fit the toe protection pad.

Next, insert the leg into the orthosis. Make sure that the foot makes contact with the base. Fasten the rigid structure to the surrounding cover with the Velcro straps located inside the structure.

Finally, close and tighten the orthosis with the Velcro straps.


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