The product is compensated by the National Health Insurance System.

The shoulder orthosis provides thermocompression and support for affected areas, ensuring pain relief through local heating.

Due to the thermal insulating properties of materials used, the shoulder orthosis ensures that the appropriate temperature is obtained immediately and maintains body heat, allowing the muscles and tendons to function at optimum temperature.


  • The shoulder orthosis is made from the best quality thermoformable materials, it is part of the Thermo-med range and offers thermocompression and restraint.
  • Thermo – med range orthoses are made of neoprene and are lined on the inside with a fluffy, hypoallergenic material, that feels pleasant to touch, which also massages the surface of the skin, ensuring that an air layer penetrates between the orthosis and the skin. The outer upholstery is made of nylon, for easy maintenance.



Fix the orthosis on the arm and the forearm.

It is fastened with the help of fastening straps.

There is an additional strap that helps support the arm.

It has an adjustment joint for flexion and extension.



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