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Cheneau  brace is a medical device recommended on the basis of a medical prescription and it is executed based on measurements and custom molding.

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  • Cheneau brace is recommended for patients with high scoliosis, cases of kyphosis, pathological lordosis, post-traumatic spine disease and idiopathic scoliosis in children.
  • It can also be used temporarily for recovery.
  • It is discreet and can be worn under everyday clothing being very light.
  • Made of thermoforming plastic and it allows easy adaptation to the skeletal morphology of the patient and scoliosis.
  • The Cheneau brace also allows adaptation to the morphological evolution during the growth of users.
  • Fastening system: straps with buckles.
  • It is recommended to be worn 24 hours a day or according to medical instructions.
  • Cheneau brace is removed only during daily toileting and medical gymnastics or at the doctor’s special instructions.


The orthosis must be used according to the instruction made by the ORTOPEDICA specialists.

It is recommended to maintain strict body hygiene and perform the massage after wearing the orthosis.

The orthosis will avoid contact with paints, inks, inks, others.

Presenting to the headquarters of the ORTOPEDICA for control will be made on the established dates, but also whenever it is needed.

In case of skin irritation or edema of the orthopedic limb, the product will no longer be worn, and you will inform the ORTOPEDICA specialists as soon as possible.

In case of changes in the orthopedic limb (the product can no longer be worn) you must inform the ORTOPEDICA specialists as soon as possible, wearing the product can still lead to complications from a medical point of view.



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