Indications:Conditions that require immobilization of the spinal or lumbar areas, such as pre and post-op spinal procedures. Vertebral fractures. Herniated disc. Osteoporosis. Spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, spondyloarthropathy, painful scoliosis in adults, etc. Torn or lax ligaments. Neoplasia that causes degenerative processes in the spine. Thoracic Kyphosis in mid to lower spinal region. Prevention of spinal stenosis in bedridden patients.

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  • Thoracolumbosacral corset made of 4 mm low-density polyethylene and lined with a padded fabric that can be easily removed, allowing it to be washed and thus achieving proper hygiene of the orthosis while simultaneously protecting the patient from possible chafing. A padded, height-adjustable splint is located on the front section, allowing us to achieve a complete extension of the spinal column.
  • Polyethylene is a thermo-moldable material, allowing us to make adjustments on the corset by applying heat (the fabric lining must be removed before applying heat). The frontal plane is located from the sternum to the pubic symphysis; the breast area remains free on women. The rear plane is located from the middle third of the scapula to the halfway point of the gluteus region.
  • The twin shell corset features 15º of lumbar lordosis. It is fastened with dobbies and Velcro straps at the iliac crests, waist, and underarms. The sternum support height and depth can be adjusted by doubling the frontal splint, which allows us to properly adjust it according to each patient’s physical characteristics. One of the main advantages of its design is that it facilitates placement on bedridden patients.
  • Colour: grey
  • The orthosis height in the posterior area is 50cm.
  • Measurements: hip, waist and below chest circumference.


For men:

1  hip circumference 71-81cm; waist 51-71cm; below chest 66-78cm

2  hip circumference 81-91cm; waist 71-81cm; below chest 79-90cm

3  hip circumf. 91-101cm; waist 81-91cm; below chest 90-102cm

4  hip circumf. 101-114cm; waist 91-101cm; below chest 102-114cm

5  hip circumf. 114-127cm; waist 101-114cm; below chest 114-128cm

For women:

1   hip circumference 71-81cm; waist 46-56cm; below chest 58-68cm

2   hip circumference  81-91cm; waist 56-66cm; below chest 66-78cm

3   hip circumf.  91-101cm; waist 66-76cm; below chest 78-88cm

4   hip circumf.  101-114cm; waist 76-86cm; below chest 88-98cm

5   hip circumf. 114-127cm; waist 86-96cm; below chest 98-108cm



The product should be adjusted by your orthopaedic technician or in accordance with doctor’s advice.

In order to obtain a greater degree of therapeutic effectiveness in the different pathologies and to prolong the life and utility of the product, it is fundamental that the correct size adequate for each patient or user is chosen (enclosed in the packet is a diagram with all the sizes and the equivalent in centimetres). An excess compression can produce intolerance, therefore we recommend that the compression be regulated to an optimum degree.

The perimeters of the patient’s hip, waist, and xiphoid process will be measured, with a distinction between the male and female modules. Once the proper size has been chosen, we will proceed to adjust it on the patient by placing the rear and frontal plates, allowing them to settle over the iliac crests.Then we will adjust the Velcro straps and adapt the sternum support until achieving a complete extension of the spinal column.


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