The product is compensated by the National Health Insurance System.

The colostomy/ileostomy prostheses are intended for of a temporary or permanent wearers.

Made according to the latest technologies with quality materials, complying with European standards.

These systems are discreet, safe and comfortable.


The adhesive is a hydrocolloid gel contains active substances to protect the supporting tissue.

After heating polymerization with body temperature, the adhesive becomes active, ensuring a firm and long-lasting adhesion.

In addition, protecting and healing any wounds.

The flanges are thin, flexible and have cut-out holes in various sizes.

Provides optimal protection for the skin.

Flexible flange, increased comfort.

The shape of the flange ensures an optimal distribution of forces for long-term use.

Integrated filter ensures complete neutralization of odors.

Color: beige, transparent.

For discretion, the collection bags have:

  • High impact and wear resistance
  • Transparency and flexibility
  • An excellent seal against water vapor and odor

Collector bags do not rustle, giving the user discretion and safety.


  • Disposable bags.
  • It is equipped with an activated carbon filter to eliminate gases, completely removing the bloating.
  • The bags are equipped with a hydrocolloid sealing system for skin protection.
  • The flange can be cut to diameters between 10 – 70 mm.
  • The back of the bag is made of hypoallergenic soft material.