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The intermittent hydrophilic urinary catheter has excellent sliding properties, available for immediate use. No matter where you are, the catheter gives you intermittent catheterization that is easier to perform, more comfortable, and more discreet. By using it, it improves your quality of life by giving you safety and mobility.

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Flocath Quick is an intermittent hydrophilic urinary catheter with excellent sliding properties, available for immediate use. No matter where you are, Flocath Quick offers intermittent catheterization that is easier to perform, more comfortable, more discreet.

The Flocath Quick urinary catheter is a device with a water tank, recommended for both women and men, made available to patients by the Ortopedica.

The package contains a reservoir (bag) with sterile saline solution, that activates the hydrophilic coating of the catheter.

A protective sleeve allows the catheter to be inserted without touching it. It also helps to extend the catheter in its funnel and during emptying the bladder.


The catheter offered by Ortopedica has a smooth surface, that enhances sliding. The catheter sheath has a long drying time of 10-15 minutes, respectively, which leads to increased comfort. The catheter is characterized by increased lubrication, improved drying time and minimal risk of urethral injury and nosocomial infections.

The Flocath Quick urinary catheter is small in size and can be handled comfortably, making it easy to carry  in your pocket. The catheter is provided with a coating based on polyvinyl-pirolidone, but also lubricating properties, fast and homogeneous hydration, a remarkable resistance to wear, high biocompatibility and high safety use. Intermittent catheterization means improving the patient’s quality of life through mobility, flexibility and integration.

The presentation of the product is in an individual package for each of the 30 pieces available in a box.

The product being sterile. The price shown is the price per piece.



  1. First wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning the genital area. It is recommended to use a suitable antiseptic to clean the urethral meatus and the region around it.
  2. Without opening the package, compress the tank containing the 0.9% sterile saline solution, releasing the liquid inside the package to activate the catheter’s lubricating coating. If it is difficult to break the saline tank, fold the tank and then apply pressure to it. Now the tank will open easily.
  3. Once the tank has ruptured and the 0.9% saline has spilled inside, tilt the package up and down two to three times to make sure the catheter body is completely covered.
  4. Hang the package through the opening (hole) made at its end, or stick it on a suitable surface with the small adhesive tape provided, keeping the tip of the catheter oriented downwards. For activation, the hydrophilic coating must be soaked in saline for at least 30 seconds.
  5. Unwrap the package by unsealing the foil on its back to a length of about 10 cm measured from the arrows marked in blue.
  6. Remove the catheter from the sealing foil and push the protective sleeve along the catheter to its tip. Make sure you do not to touch the catheter.
  7. Grasping the hygienic protective sleeve, insert the catheter into the bladder. Perform catheterization as directed by your doctor or nurse.
  8. The protective sleeve can be pulled back over the funnel-shaped connector and used as an extension of the catheter, while emptying the bladder.
  9. After catheterization, wash or disinfect your hands using a suitable antiseptic. The product is sterile and intended for single use. Sterilization method: see instructions on the package.


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