PRICE: 23.713 LEI

The wheelchair is an orthopedic device that helps improve mobility, allowing people with locomotor disabilities, amputees to perform daily activities, to lead a normal life.
The device consists of a light frame made of aluminum or steel, equipped with wheels with certain dimensions and structure, solid or pneumatic wheels, thin or thick spokes, folding backrest, footrest.

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The Action 3NG wheelchair from Invacare, Germany, is made to the highest and most modern standards in the field of orthopedic devices.

The one-hand manual drive wheelchair, ACTION 3NG has the following standard features:

  • It is the lightest wheelchair in the Action range from Invacare;
  • Provides increased stability when traveling;
  • With a base weight of 14.2 kg and a transport weight of 7.5 kg (without armrests, or rear wheels), Action 3NG addresses the key needs for handling, storage and transport;
  • Action 3NG brake lever is simple, foldable to allow easier transfers;
  • The foot support offers an optimal length compensation, with the increase in steps of 3 ° / 5 ° (approx.);
  • Side protection with open area helps easier transfers to and from the seat.
  • Folding armrest;
  • Adjustable backrest in various angles, allows the attendant to easily adjust the rear position of the user through a continuous movement;
  • Folding backrest in front, reduces the total size of the armchair at the time of storage;
  • Front wheels available with 5 ”, 6”, or 8 ”inch pneumatic or solid tires;
  • Optional equipment: armrest type, headrest, anti-tipping wheels, transparent tray, belt, seat cushion. These features may involve a price increase.


  • Width: 380/405//430/455/ 480/505 mm;
  • Depth: 400/450/500 mm;
  • Foot support angle: 0°/3°/6°;
  • Height: 360/385/410/435/460/485/510 mm;
  • Backrest angle: 0°/7°/0°-30°/ – 15° – +15°;
  • Backrest height: 325 – 510 mm;
  • Front leg support angle: 80° /0-80°/90°
  • Support length: 200-400/330-460/440-510 mm;
  • Arm support height: 200-280/240/170-300/210-350 mm:
  • Total width: the width of the seat + 190 mm;
  • Total width when the armchair is folded: 295 mm;
  • Total lateral width: 980-1105 mm;
  • Side width without footrest: 835-960 mm;
  • Total height: 820-1050 mm.
  • Slope angle: 9°;
  • Radius: 870 mm;
  • Maximum weight supported: 125 kg;
  • Total weight of the armchair:13 kg;
  • Maximum weight level: 7.10 kg
  • Frame colors *: Purple; Matte black; Blue; Matte red; White; Gray; Green; Anthracite Black;
    * ATTENTION: the colors may vary slightly from those presented above.