ORTOPEDICA – enjoys a real notoriety amongst patients who need medical devices.
The quality, the dedication of our specialists and technicians have contributed to the satisfaction of those who have crossed doorstep with confidence and have always left satisfied.

One of the many success story  is that of a 20 years old young man from Giurgiu, who suffered a serious car accident at the beginning of the year.

All his dreams seemed overshadowed by the multiple injuries that led to emergency surgery on the spine. Adrian was diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis and spinal nerve compression.

He started doing research about his diagnosis, looking for solutions, and he particularly wanted to work with the best specialists in medical recovery field. Arriving at a well known highly specialized institution, he was advised about the best quality medical devices and services offered by ORTOPEDICA.

Post-operatively he remained immobilized in bed, unable to use his legs… What could be more frustrating than depending on others in order to move, or always having to wait to be helped, when you were meant to be a free spirit? It is said that the most beautiful years are those of youth when you feel unbreakable, when you feel that everything is possible and you gradually begin to plan your future. But sometimes life tests our patience and strength in the form of lessons meant to strengthen us, and prepare us for the new path.

It is said that we have a destiny written before we are born, and the divinity tests us according to our capacity.
His age, optimistic nature, and the winner attitude contributed to his inner motivation, which gave him the strength to fight against his own destiny. Adrian did not want to accept that there would be a possibility to remain immobilized in bed, or that from that moment his life should be limited to a wheelchair. He fought tenaciously, channeling all his energy into his dream – that of walking again.

In July 2018, he came to ORTOPEDICA for receiving help in the recovery process, and for fulfilling his dream.

The solution offered by our specialists and technicians was the bilateral hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, which was customized according to Adrian’s needs.

In order to finish the orthosis, the necessary measurements had to be made using plaster cast, for both legs and the torso. The final result was a real success, a thermoformed orthosis made up of 2 hip orthoses – knee – ankle – leg connected to each other by a Boston corset and 2 joints. The purpose of this orthoses mechanism is to verticalize and support the musculoskeletal system, and its benefits can be increased by alternating with physical therapy sessions. The technicians experience and the quality of the device were the ingredients of success in recovery. After only one month of use, Adrian took the first steps, when no one hoped that anything could be done anymore. After half a year of immobilization and restrictions, we managed to bring back a smile on his face and a spark in his eyes, we gave him hope again, we confirmed that life is about moving forward, that he can recover. His path to recovery continues, and we are proud and happy to have been able to help him.