Metatarsalgia is one of the most common diseases of the feet and involves pain and inflammation of the metatarsal bones that manifests itself in the plantar area of ​​the foot, more precisely in the metatarsal area in the middle of the sole of the foot and toes.

The human foot has five metatarsal bones that connect the bones of the ankle and heel (tarsals) to the bones of the toes (phalanges). The role of the metatarsal bones is to distribute a person’s weight evenly while walking, but also during physical activity. Once this balance is changed, there are pains that can be mild or acute depending on the change caused.


Metatarsalgia is often found in physically active people who participate in activities that involve running and jumping, or in people who wear inappropriate footwear. Metatarsals come into constant contact with the ground through footwear, which is why it is good to protect them by wearing appropriate footwear.


The most common symptoms of metatarsalgia are plantar pain, inflammation when the metatarsals are overworked or when the shoes are too tight. There may also be stings, pain or burning in the area of ​​the metatarsal bones, pain, numbness and tingling in the toes, discomfort during the day even if the person is active or not.


The treatment of metatarsalgia aims to relieve symptoms, which can be achieved by conservative treatments, through local applications with ice, or rest. But more useful than these and with long-lasting effects are medical devices :

  1. Orthopedic footwear – prevents and minimizes problems related to metatarsalgia by using orthopedic footwear. It restores the comfort of your feet due to the quality of the leather, the high manufacturing standards, but also the increased attention to detail given by orthopedic prosthetic technicians in taking measurements and footprint taking into account the particularities of your foot.
  2. Heels / plantar supports – absorb shocks and reduce the impact during walking, making it looking natural again. You can choose personalized insoles and adapted to everyday activities (sports, office work, shopping, etc.), but also according to your age (adults and children)
  3. Metatarsal orthoses – corrects the position of the foot and attenuates the impact while moving, even when you are in the comfort of your home. Our orthoses are made of elastic fabric and adapt perfectly to your anatomy, efficiently relieve pain, thus facilitating reintegration of the patient into his normal activity.

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